Phoenix Pipe Band
Playing the Traditional Pipe Music of Scotland and Ireland since 1958


* are current competition settings

4/4 Marches

Scotland the Brave / Rowan Tree
The Minstrel Boy / Let Erin Remember
Intercontinental Highland Gathering
Accordian Man
Haughs of Cromdale*
Gardens of Skye*

2/4 Marches

Highland Laddie

3/4 Retreat Marches

Green Hills of Tyrol / When the Battle's O'er
Marche du Petre
University of Phoenix March
Clan McFarland
Terry Black*
Mary Grant*

6/8 Marches

Angus MacKinnon
MacNeil of  Ugdale

Dornoch Highland Gathering


Aspen Bank
Keel Row
Mrs MacGregor*

Slow Airs

Amazing Grace
Flowers of Scotland
Come to the Hills*


Calum Iain


Bush Reel
Sleepy Maggie

Jigs (6/8's)

Merrily Danced the Quaker’s Wife
Keltman's Jig*

Quick March Medley (QMM)

Coppermill (2/4)
Terry Black (3/4)
Gardens of Skye (4/4)

3-5 Minute Timed Medley

Haughs of Cromdale (march)
Mrs McGregor (strathpey)
Sleepy Maggie (reel)
Come to the Hills (slow aire)
Keltman's Jig
Mary Grant (3/4 march)

Old Tunes

Pipers Polka
She Moves through the Fair (slow air)
Scots Wha Hae
A Man's a Man for A' That
Bluebells of Scotland
Dolan's Ass
The Duck

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