Phoenix Pipe Band
Playing the Traditional Pipe Music of Scotland and Ireland since 1958


Long time D/M Joe Leonard

Perhaps tradition is something you like. Tradition comes in many forms. How about music? Like the stirring sound of bagpipes and the ruffle of the drums. All that is part of the vibrant music of the Scottish Highlands that is forever exciting. Forever emotional.

The Phoenix Pipe Band has traditionally performed this exciting music of Scotland and Ireland in Phoenix and all around Arizona since 1958. The St. Patrick's Day Parade, Scottsdale's Parada Del Sol, The Scottish Gathering and Highland Games and many others. The Band gives back to the community at special events, graduations, fairs, holiday celebrations, openings, fund raisers, school programs, church services and other traditional events that are always popular.

Always entertaining. Always fun.

Now, make your next special event more absorbingly memorable than ever. The Phoenix Pipe Band will create an air of excitement to any event. Why not yours? Start the tradition this year at your next special event or show. Whether entertaining friends, family or customers, they will love you for it.

The full band (10 musicians or more) or a mini band (3-5 musicians) can be hired to make your event more memorable than ever.

To Book the Band, Contact:

 Len Wood at (602) 274-8081 or at

We're Featured prominently on the 2008 Grand Canyon University Website!

Image (c) Grand Canyon University
Image © Grand Canyon University (2008)

Thanks to GCU, University of Phoenix, and Arizona State University for our continued relationships!

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